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Do You Have "Unexplainable" Symptoms?
Finally... This Free Webinar Explains the Unexplainable

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Have doctors told you “you’re fine”
or “it’s all in your head”?

Do you feel like you’re going a little crazy, because doctors have done a zillion tests which turned up nothing… yet you still don’t feel well at all?

Do you know that something is seriously “off” in your health… but you just can’t pinpoint it?

Do you feel alone in your health journey, like no one understands you or believes you?

We offer a real answer to bizarre and unexplainable symptoms like:
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Low Energy
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Brain Fog
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Sleep Problems
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Weight Gain

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, I have important news for you:

You’re NOT crazy, it’s NOT “just in your head,” you’re NOT alone…

And more importantly…

There IS a unified explanation for all these “unexplainable” symptoms…

And there IS a solution (and it’s not what you think)!

How do I know? Because I’ve been in your shoes, right where you are now… sick as heck without knowing why, and sick of all the things I’d been trying to do to get better, without an explanation or solution.

If you’re ready to hear this explanation and solution, sign up for your free live training:

The Explanation for “Unexplainable” Symptoms…

If you’ve read this far, I’ll bet
I know a few things about you:

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Given that one or many of these issues are taking your life over… and you’re ready to get your life back…

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You’re about to discover something that will change your life.

You Haven’t Even Tried It Yet… And It’s Incredibly Fast, Easy and Inexpensive!

(All in the privacy of your own home!)

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Imagine if you could know with certainty what the root cause of your “mystery” health issues is…

Imagine just how relieved you will feel once you’ve finally found the test that pinpoints the issue…

When you finally have objective results that prove it’s not “just in your head”…

And more important than test results …. You have the keys to getting better!

That’s exactly what you’re going to get when you sign up for your…

Comprehensive Cellular
Health Analysis

If you’re looking to FINALLY understand the issues that you’ve
been seeking answers for, it’s time to listen up and take action.

There’s a test called the Cellular Inflammation Test, which screens for cellular inflammation, toxicity and damage.

You’ve probably heard that “inflammation” is a major source of general health problems like the one you’ve had.

So you might have gotten all excited figuring you had a major clue to your health issues… and you went to your doctor to check out if this cause applies to you… and your doctor gave you a test and…


Your doctor said the test showed nothing unusual and it wasn’t an issue. And ironically… you left the office deflated… because you were hoping that you’d finally pinpointed the cause!

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Well guess what?

Your doctor didn’t actually test you for inflammation.
At least… not in a way that matters.

You see… doctors’ blood tests look for general inflammation, marked by something called c-reactive proteins (the kind you might get when you’ve had an injury).

But what most doctors completely overlook is inflammation at the cellular level.

It doesn’t matter how good your bloodwork looks… and it doesn’t matter how good your hormone levels look…

If your cells themselves are inflamed none of these beneficial levels will make a difference.

Because cellular inflammation prevents hormones from communicating with your cells… and prevents nutrients from reaching your cells.

It’s like this. Imagine you needed to fill your car with gas… and the way you did it was by throwing gas on the car instead of in the gas tank!
(And then you lit the car on fire!)

That’s exactly what happens when you try to nourish your cells with all the right nutrition and hormone levels when the cells themselves are inflamed.

[And this is why…]

Have you been trying to lose weight… and it just won’t come off?

This is exactly why. An inflamed cell… full of toxins… will not receive nutrients properly.

It’s like you’re starving yourself from the inside… and your cells react to this starvation by holding on for dear life to your fat!

If you want to reverse these effects, you need to take the Cellular Inflammation Test NOW. It’s fast, it’s accurate, and it’s inexpensive.

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What are you waiting for?

You can get access to this life-changing test through
your Comprehensive Cellular Health Analysis.

Not only do you get the test…

You also get a Neurotoxicity Assessment, which is a detailed questionnaire that will walk you through everything about your past and present health issues that might be contributing to your cellular inflammation.

PLUS, you get a 60-Minute Consultation with one of my trained Cellular Health Experts to discuss your Cellular Inflammation Test results and your questionnaire in detail.

I have trained our Cellular Health Experts to be detectives and sleuths to put together all the clues from your Cellular Inflammation test results, your questionnaire, your symptoms, and your personal history, to find the “smoking gun” that will finally help you resolve your health issues.

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Are you ready to have a professional finally listen to you? To take your history seriously? To reassure you that it’s not just “in your head” and that there IS a solution?

That’s what you’re going to get with your Comprehensive Cellular Health Analysis.

How much does this cost?


Think of all the doctors’ visits and tests and programs you’ve already tried… that may have added up to thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.

Think of all the ways your ongoing health issues are impacting your energy, your happiness, your ability to earn money, your relationship with your significant other and your children, your physical appearance, your sex life, and your self-confidence…

Now imagine if the answers you’ve been seeking for years or even decades
were available to you for… less than the price of a decent pair of shoes?

The real question is not how much this $167 opportunity costs… it’s how many thousands or even
tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars it will cost you to not discover this information and solution!

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For me, I like to be empowered.

I like to do the research, read the documents, watch the videos. I find that sticks better with me than just being told an answer. It may be different for you, but I just want to remind you of the tools we all have in this awesome program.
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Lisa Hunter Pohlmeyer
Pompa Program Client

Here’s Why Nothing You’ve
Tried Has Worked

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Imagine a river was going by your house. But the river was terribly polluted, to the point where you can’t even swim in it or drink the water.

To solve the problem, you take out a bucket, and start trying to capture the pollution and pull it out of the water.

Do you think this would work?

Of course not.

But this is exactly what you’ve been doing for years with your health symptoms!

You see, the symptoms or pollution won’t go away by treating them directly… because there is a source of the pollution upstream from your home!

There is a factory producing all that nasty pollution.

And in the case of your health… the factory is inflamed and toxified cells that are unable to process the basic hormonal, nutritional, and metabolic functions of your body properly. So their toxic sludge spills over into the rest of your body… downstream from the source.

[This is why you’ve done so many things for your health and still don’t feel well].

That’s why I always say…

. The Cell

To Get Well!

By addressing the root cause of your health problems… all the
symptoms “downstream” from that cause can clear up.

And the only way you can know the root cause of your health problems is through understanding what’s going on with your cells… the building blocks of your health.

Discover the Root Cause of Your Symptoms…

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I started on the program at the end of September
and have been able to release over 30 pounds!

My coach is amazing! So are all the other coaches I have been able to learn from during the webinars throughout the week—and of course from Dr. Pompa on his weekly Q&A’s as well. All super valuable!
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Stephanie Liell Neubauer
Pompa Program Client
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For just $167, you get:

By the end of your Comprehensive Cellular Health Analysis, you will come away with a personalized plan to banish cellular inflammation and toxicity from your body once and for all.

Since no two cases and causes of cellular toxicity and inflammation are the same, it’s crucial that your plan be personalized to your particular history, causes, and circumstances.

(No, this is not the same old cookie-cutter advice you’ve heard to eat chlorella or take a sauna. You cannot detox in the same way as your neighbor. Everyone’s detox plan is different, because everyone’s causes of toxicity and inflammation are different. With this offer you are going to get a totally personalized plan!)

Think of all the time, energy, and resources you’ve spent just trying to find some answers.

Is $167 worth finally getting the health answers you’ve been seeking?

You already know the answer!

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If you’re ready to hear this explanation and solution, sign up for your free live training:

The Explanation for “Unexplainable” Symptoms…

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From Pain to Purpose…


No matter how much you’re struggling with your health right now, I promise you, I’ve been there.

The reason I know that YOU can heal quickly from symptoms you’ve suffered from for years, is that I went through the same journey. At age 34, a mysterious illness descended on me, and I had to find my way back to health and wholeness. Learn how I reclaimed the best health of my life…

Who Else Wants These
Life-Changing Results?

It has already been

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Not only did I gain my life back, but now I'm able to coach and train our team to offer that solution to others who are ready to get their life back.

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I truly resonate with the message pain to purpose. At the young age of seventeen I got diagnosed with fifteen different illnesses, (two autoimmune diseases and was plagued by chronic pain, fatigue, and more). I spent two years bed bound, limited by my deteriorating health. I traveled in those years to more than thirty doctors. My family and I sought out the most well known specialists, no one could truly help or give me answers. Not only did I get my life back, but now I'm able to inspire and train our team. We're offering a complete solution to the sick and hurting, an opportunity to get their life back.
Ava Young
Dr. Pompa's Client
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