Q: What health conditions could Pompa Program help with?

A: A huge range of illnesses including:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Autoimmune diseases including lupus & Hashimoto’s thyroiditis
  • Thyroid conditions in general
  • Chronic pain
  • Anxiety & depression
  • Neurological conditions
  • Inability to lose weight
  • Crohn’s/Inflammatory bowel conditions
  • Skin conditions
  • Headaches/migraines
  • COPD, asthma & other respiratory conditions
  • Other unexplainable conditions

Q: What are the different parts of the Pompa Program?

A: Our program is a 5-month personalized approach to remove the interferences that are keeping our bodies from healing. It’s a system that clients can use for lifelong health, so they’re not lifelong patients anymore. While it’s customized to the individual, there are some core parts that everyone is encouraged to do. First
is a phase in which the body is prepared for detoxification. Next is safe and thorough detoxification of the body, followed by detoxification of the brain. There are protocols for specific health issues, like yeast overgrowth, bacterial and viral infections like Epstein-Barr, Lyme, and others, and infections from tooth extractions and root canals, that can be incorporated into the different phases. It’s important to note these conditions are opportunistic issues usually resulting from underlying toxicity. Clients meet periodically with their personal coach who has been thoroughly trained in Dr. Pompa’s approach and practice. Coaches are also available for questions, concerns, and support at any time during the program. Anyone in the program can choose to attend daily online meetings with coaches and weekly Q&A sessions with Dr. Pompa. There is a Pompa Program Support Group on Facebook where clients receive unparalleled support, tips for success, and guidance from coaches and from each other. The best part of the Pompa Program is the knowledge that clients gain that lasts a lifetime, taking them off the medical merry-go-round and saving them thousands of dollars by getting to the root of their health issues.

Q: How do we heal the cell?

A: After years of suffering from his own unexplainable illness, Dr. Pompa found
the answers to this question through years of researching. He believes that God
led him to the revelations that form the core of the Pompa Program. Click here
to learn the 5 R’s of healing the cell.

Q: How much is the program?

A: The program investment levels vary, and it depends upon the amount of support that will be needed. Before we can determine the investment, we need to first establish whether or not you will be able to implement the program to be included in the success rate we maintain.

Q: Do you take insurance?

A: We do not practice medicine, and therefore we do not provide insurance codes. We provide alternative, natural health solutions. For many people, that is a big advantage, as we have a different approach from the medical field. Our approach involves targeting the root cause of health issues instead of simply masking symptoms with medicines. We do accept payment from HSA accounts.

Q: How long is the whole program?

A: The actual coaching program lasts 5 months, and most clients have significantly improved by then. However, there is always the opportunity to stay in the community and many members fall in love with Dr. Pompa and choose to stay involved.

Q: What is the first step to start the program?

A: Lots of people begin by watching Dr. Pompa’s free webinar that lasts about 45 minutes. It explains our health approach and shows how to order the test kit that helps identify if there is a need we can assist with. Others go straight to ordering the preliminary test kit here.

Q: What happens after I do the test kit?

A: After you have completed the Cellular Inflammation Test (which is 50x more powerful in identifying cellular inflammation than your doctors’ tests) and Neurotoxicity Questionnaire, you’ll meet with one of our experts to determine if our program is right for you.

Q: What do the items in the test kit test for?

A: Cellular inflammation and exposure to specific neurotoxins that remain in the body and brain.

Q: Will I have to take a lot of supplements? If so, do I have to buy those or are they included with the program?

A: Nutraceuticals, as opposed to supplements, are a core part of each of the three phases of the program. Participants take nutraceuticals that promote detoxification and healing. For clients who cannot swallow capsules, we have liquid and topical options. The nutraceuticals are included in the program investment.

Q: Is this program safe for children?

A: Yes! Our program is safe and effective for children four and older. The younger the process of removing the upstream cause starts the less opportunity there is for certain undesirable genes to be triggered and unhealthy conditions
to develop.

Q: What are the credentials and education of the coaches?

A: All of our coaches are Certified Health Coaches. Some of them also have related doctorate degrees. They all are thoroughly trained in Dr. Pompa’s protocols, and they have significant clinical experience.

Q: What is Dr. Pompa's experience helping people?

A: Dr. Pompa began as a chiropractor many years ago and had a thriving practice in Pennsylvania. In 2003, his health began to deteriorate rapidly, but none of his doctors could identify what the cause was despite thousands of dollars worth of testing. He suffered and researched for years to try to get well. After he identified what the source of his illness was and also learned how to fix it, he decided to offer his safe, natural solution to others who are suffering with no answers. His background in health, thorough research, and personal experience have led him to develop the Pompa Program, which is giving people their lives back. When we remove those interferences, we enable our natural God-given innate ability to heal.

Q: Will I have to travel to your office for the program?

A: No, you can participate in the program from the comfort of your home. All of our coaches conduct sessions remotely via Zoom. All program resources are also available online.

Q: Who are the doctors that Dr. Pompa trains?

A: He trains all kinds of practitioners from health coaches up to doctorate level practitioners around the world.

Q: Can I sign my (relative) up for this program?

A: Yes, when you order your test kit, there is an option to add up to 2 additional people to your order, and they will receive their own test kit and be able to join you on the consultation. During the consultation, it will be determined if you or your relatives/friends are a good fit for the program.

Q: How much work will I have to put in to get better?

A: Those who take ownership of the process get the best results. To truly heal and get your life back will require some changes and some effort. Removing the interferences is instrumental in healing the cells. The willingness to take some nutraceuticals on a regular schedule will be needed. It’s also important to embrace the guidance from the coaches who are there to provide direction, like a sherpa. In our experience, clients feel so much better after implementing the program that it’s easy to stick with it.

Q: Will I feel immediate results when starting the program or does it take time?

A: Some people feel immediate results, and others feel improvement after a few months. For some, it’s an overnight change, for others it’s a very gradual daily or weekly improvement. For a small number of clients who have excessive toxicity and inflammation, it takes even longer than the 5-month program, but these clients have learned through the Pompa Program what to do to continue their healing.