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Q: What is the first step in the Pompa Program?

A: Start by watching Dr. Pompa’s webinar. It explains the program’s health approach and how Dr. Pompa discovered the cause of his mystery illnesses and improved his health.

Q: What are the different parts of the Pompa Program?

A: Our program is a 5-month personalized approach to remove the interferences that are keeping our bodies from healing. It’s a system that clients can use for lifelong health, and is customized to the individual.

Q: Do I have to take a lot of supplements? If so, do I have to buy those or are they included with the program?

A: Nutraceuticals, as opposed to supplements, are a core part of each of the three phases of the program. The nutraceuticals are included in the program investment.

Q: Is this program safe for children?

A: Yes! Children 5 and older may join the program.

Q: What are the credentials and education of the coaches?

A: All coaches are Certified Health Coaches and some have related doctorate degrees. All coaches are thoroughly trained in Dr. Pompa’s protocols.

Q: What is Dr. Pompa's experience helping people?

A: Dr. Pompa began his career as a chiropractor. In 2000, he noticed his health rapidly deteriorating and medical doctors couldn't identify the cause. After suffering for years and spending thousands of dollars trying to get well, he identified the source of his illnesses and discovered a way to fix them. This journey inspired him to share safe, natural solutions to others who also suffer with no answers. Today the Pompa Program helps people get their lives back by removing interferences enabling our body’s natural, God-given ability to heal.

Q: Will I have to travel to your office for the program?

A: No, you can participate in the program from the comfort of your home. All of our coaches conduct sessions remotely via Zoom. All program resources are available online.

Q: Who does Dr. Pompa train?

A: He coaches and trains individuals, and all kinds of practitioners, from health coaches, to doctorate level professionals around the world.

Q: How much work is required on my part?

A: We find that those who take ownership of the process get the best results. The program will require some personal lifestyle changes and effort. The willingness to take nutraceuticals on a regular schedule will be needed. It’s also important to embrace the guidance from the health coaches who are there to provide direction.

Q: Will I feel immediate results when starting the program or does it take time?

A: This varies from person to person. Some people feel immediate results while others feel improvement after a few months. For a small number who may have excessive toxicity and inflammation, it could take longer than the 5-month program. It’s all based on your individual needs and how well you stick to your individualized plan.

Q: How much is the program?

A: The program cost varies depending on the unique amount of support needed. Your health advisor will go over the costs with you based on the chosen strategy to help reach your goals.

Q: Do you take insurance?

A: We do not practice medicine, and therefore do not provide insurance codes. We provide alternative, natural health solutions. However, we do accept payment from HSA accounts.