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This is my story

It was the summer of 2000, and something was deeply and terribly wrong with my health. One night, my wife lovingly asked, “What do you feel?” I had heavy anxiety and dread. But there was a deeper feeling, harder to describe, and much more raw and visceral. I felt like I just wanted to cry.

Less than a year before, I was 34 and life was great.

I was married with two kids and professionally, I was a successful chiropractor with one of the largest clinics in Pennsylvania. I was in the best shape of my life, weightlifting daily and doing 100-mile bike rides often. Life was good.

Suddenly, without explanation, I feel like a zombie.

I can’t do more than a few bicep curls without feeling wiped out.

Whatever is plaguing me gets worse: anxiety, insomnia, brain fog, panic attacks, nervousness, auditory and chemical sensitivities, mood swings, irritability, irrational anger, severe gastrointestinal disturbances, dizziness, ringing in my ears, and twitching facial muscles.

Soon I can’t sleep through the night, and I become so sound sensitive that I fly into fits of rage over small things like the voices of my kids playing.

I was such a physical wreck that I laid down between
appointments at my clinic and prayed for cancellations.

I wasn’t a good doctor, father, and husband. I felt like a failure.

Something was deeply and terribly wrong with me, and I couldn't figure it out.
My greatest fear wasn't dying, it was living the rest of my life this way.

Things got so bad, my wife was scared

It was harder on her in many ways. It caused her to reach out to God in despair. In one of those moments, she heard God speak to her heart. “God is not only going to get you well, but you’re going to take a message to the world.” I saw her heart, but her words did not encourage me. My response was, “If this is what God has for me, I don’t want it! I can’t even help myself, let alone the world!”

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Dr. Pompa Picture

days dragged on…

With what little energy I had, I read everything that might explain my condition, which now included low body temperature, thinning hair, and becoming “skinny fat.”

I tried addressing my adrenals and thyroid, but did not have success.

My wife forces me to go to the head of toxicology at Allegheny General, where I pay $5,000 out of pocket for blood work, but the doctor says, “There’s nothing wrong with you. You’re just under a lot of stress. You just need a good psychotropic drug.”

Another specialist, a gastroenterologist, also suggests the same.

People think I’m crazy. I begin thinking I might be.

I’m sick for three years, suffering symptoms that no medical professionals can explain or justify.

Until Finally...

I reached out to one of the top endocrinologists whose book I read to learn more about the thyroid. He seemed to have a good understanding of the causes of thyroid conditions.

He said,

“Dan, I think you might have mercury poisoning.”

I said,

“I thought so too. About a year ago, I read about
Mad Hatter’s disease. These were people who were
making felt hats who were poisoned from the
mercury used in the process. I did a blood test but
it came out negative.”

“Wrong test,” he replied. “Do a urine challenge utilizing a chelator.”

I did.

Dr. Pompa's test on Heavy Meals

The test was positive for heavy metals

My studies had pointed to the possibility that my health problems might be related to the pituitary hypothalamus complex, the “control tower” in the brain, that regulates your thyroid, adrenals, and hormones – the part of your brain, according to studies, where many neurotoxins accumulate and cause damage.

No wonder my attempts at helping my thyroid and adrenals didn’t work. The control tower was the problem.

Dr. Pompa image

I called the endocrinologist again,
“How do you think I got this?”

“Did you have any dental work done around the time you got sick?” he asks.

Then the memory came rushing back…
so I call my dentist.

“When did you take out my amalgam fillings?”

He looked up the date. When he told me, I realized
I got sick days after he took them out.

I cried finally having put two-and-two together.

I had an explanation

I was suffering from a neurotoxic illness that had built up from mercury fillings, lead-based paints, toxic molds, genetic predisposition, and even contact lens solution which contained mercury back in the 70’s, 80s and early ‘90s.

Neurotoxins had been accumulating in my body, until the removal of my amalgam fillings finally triggered a devastating health crisis. (A perfect storm).

I desperately wanted my life back, so I learned everything I could about getting this stuff safely and effectively out of my brain and the cells in my body. 
I researched everything related. And I applied everything I learned. (It’s what I teach today).

The man behind Pompa Program
Pompa Program team image
About Pompa Program Team

my health improved

By 2005, finally, I could enjoy simple, wonderful things such as going out to dinner with my family again.

God led me to every bit of the information that gave me my life back.

I could be a good husband again. I could play with my children. I could be a good doctor. And God expanded our family, with a baby and six weeks later, a set of inherited twins. (That’s a whole different amazing story.)

I Found my Purpose

What my wife had heard in her heart came true, “God is not only going to get you well, but you’re going to take a message to the world.”

In 2011, I retired from my chiropractic work. I started coaching people with neurotoxic challenges. In 2020, Pompa Program was launched as a family-run business to take my message directly to people crying out for answers, as I was.

Our mission is to see lives transformed by helping clients and others in our global community restore the extraordinary healing potential God gave to the human body.

Today, the most rewarding aspects of my life are the walking miracles we hear about each day in our virtual community, the lives changed, and the minds renewed to God-guided principles of health and healing.

That’s my story, From Pain to Purpose, to Promise, and I believe God has a promise for you as well.

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About Dr. Pompa

Dr. Pompa received his undergraduate degree in communication from The University of Pittsburgh, and his doctor of chiropractic degree in 1995 from Life University.

He is the author of the books Cellular Healing Diet and Beyond Fasting and he hosted a weekly Cellular Healing TV Podcast and YouTube show.

Dr. Pompa’s speaking engagements land him on some of the largest natural health stages in the world for both the public and practitioners, alongside other leading, cutting-edge health experts. He has spoken at Bulletproof, Paleo f(X), Mindshare, ACAM, PBS, Natures Sunshine, SopMed, NANP, and Systemic Formulas.

Dr. Pompa’s own story, which he has titled “From Pain to Purpose…to Promise,” unveils how his health struggles, family tragedy and legal battles have transformed him into a powerful health and longevity evangelist which led him to fulfill his purpose.

He and his wife, Merily, reside in Park City, Utah with their 3 dogs, and 2 cats, and have 5 young adult children who are the next generation to fulfill the Pompa Purpose.