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R1 Removing The Source of Toxins

True Cellular Healing and Detox

R1 – Removing The Source of Toxins

How mercury, mold and environmental toxins can be the #1 reason you’re still sick and how true intracellular detoxification can be your answer.

There are 5R’s to true cellular detox and healing. In this unique training series, you will learn the 5 musts to permanently transform your health and life. The 5R’s are not a bandaid or a supplement, but rather a road map for you and your body to follow for long term healing results. The 5R’s support all conditions, including weight loss, autoimmune, leaky gut and other common challenges. However, our goal in sharing this life changing information is not about addressing a condition but rather supporting the body to heal itself.

R1 – Remove The Source and The Body Can Heal

In this first article, we would like to introduce you to what I believe is the most critical R; R1, Removing the Source. If you don’t remove the source, you will never have a true and lasting solution to your health challenge. I have a problem with not only allopathic practitioners, but also the natural or alternative practitioners when it comes to this topic. Neither is getting to the cause because they are simply covering up symptoms with either more medications or supplements. Neither is sitting knee to knee with people and really digging into an individual’s history in order to figure out why they got sick. My fellow colleague’s philosophy is to remove the interference and allow the body’s innate intelligence to do the healing. This philosophy is where the truth lies. However, chemical interference, or for you chiropractors, chemical subluxation, is what most doctors are missing and don’t fully understand. I believe, as chiropractors, that this is why we are not seeing the results that we used to see years ago. I know you understand what I am saying. When we talk to the old time chiropractors, they will tell how many more miracle cases they had. Well, what’s changed? The subluxation? Chiropractic? NO, chemical subluxation is what has changed. The level of toxicity is like no time in the history of mankind. Not the outside air, but what we are putting directly into our bodies. If you do not know how to remove the source properly, you are never going to impact these really sick and challenged individuals.

A Demonic Source of Toxins that Took My Life: Mercury “The God of Deception”

What does removing the source actually mean? There are a few meanings that I will cover throughout R1’s description. In my own story, I had silver fillings and had two drilled out incorrectly. After they were removed and gold was put in its place, I became very sick. Unfortunately, it took me three or four years of misery to figure it out. Those fillings contain 50% mercury, which leeches right into your brain, more specifically the hypothalamus pituitary adrenal axis. The gold caused a galvanic reaction (electrical current) that causes the mercury to leech out of the fillings 10x faster than normal. It wasn’t until I researched how to get the rest of the filling out correctly and the mercury out of my brain that I was able to get my life back. It is very important to realize that I would have never recovered fully if I didn’t get the source removed correctly. Whatever you do, don’t just start drilling out fillings. There is a safe and proper way to do it.

An Ancient Source of Illness: MOLD

Another source could be a moldy home. So many of the individuals with unexplainable symptoms are living in a moldy home. They get very sick and unfortunately end up on a list of medications, which ultimately makes them worse. Many conditions like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, sudden weight gain and weight loss resistance are all common conditions linked to biotoxic illness from mold. If you don’t get that individual out of the home, you’re never going to get them well. In Leviticus 14 in the Bible, God says, and I will paraphrase… If you see mold growing in your home do this… If the mold reappears get rid of the house and all its contents. This is exactly what is done today. If you can’t remediate the house properly, then get out and don’t bring your stuff with you because it too is contaminated. This may sound like drastic measures but this is the only way these individuals recover. If you don’t remove the source, you are never going to get well.

True Cellular Detox

Removing the source not only refers to external environmental toxins, but internal toxins that have stock pilled and bio-accumulated in our bodies. There is a lot of information today about different cleanses, whether it’s a liver cleanse, colon cleanse, foot baths and even magnets on the feet, however, they fail to remove toxins at the cellular level. I don’t have a problem with most of those cleanses, but if you don’t remove the toxins from the cell, these cleanses fall short of true cellular detox and a real lasting solution. Also, if you don’t understand how to fix cellular pathways that have been affected by a toxic cell (the other 4R’s of cellular healing), then getting someone well becomes impossible. You are never really going to get a patient well because fixing the cell is the catalyst for healing. One of the things I always say is, “True cellular detox has to occur at the cell,” and once we impact the cell, we can now impact so much of the expression of adverse symptoms in the body. In other words, “If you fix the cell the body gets well.”

The Intracellular Detox System

There is a system that we created called IDS, or the Intracellular Detox System. This system is very unique because it up-regulates detox pathways of the cell, and it prevents the reabsorption or redistribution of toxins so common in other forms of detox. It is the retox that causes many of the unwanted symptoms during detox, and makes most detox programs or systems dangerous.

The first part of the Intracellular Detox System is raising intracellular glutathione. This is the key to removing toxins from the cell and, therefore, the body. Glutathione (GSH) is how your cells remove toxins. GSH is in every cell in the body. If levels get too low, the cell will die from toxic overload and inflammation. GSH is the strongest antioxidant in the world because your body makes it. It is also 5,000x stronger than vitamin C as an antioxidant. Do a Pubmed (medical public library of studies) search online, and you will find at the time of this writing, over 190,000 studies linking GSH to many different diseases and its many roles in healing. There are many pathways responsible to raise GSH in the cell and our system supports every pathway in the GSH cycle. There is no other system like it.

Why Your Glutathione Is Not Working

Glutathione has become very popular due to all the current research. However, why does it seem like the results are limited to the first month of use or no results at all? Most GSH sold is put in a pill and taken orally. At face value, this seems the most logical way to raise GSH. The problem is that only 3% of the GSH makes it through the gut to body. The GSH oxidizes very easily in the gut with very little benefit where we need it most. Even if it makes it through the gut using liposomal GSH or other forms of GSH, it still will not enter into the cell. For example, when injectable GSH is used, it goes directly into the blood stream, so it is not oxidized at all in the gut. There is a reduction in inflammation and therefore, symptoms in the first month with very little value after. The injected GSH reduces extra cellular inflammation and oxidative stress, but doesn’t get into the cell where it’s needed most, therefore, the affect is limited and does not last. Raising GSH in the cell is the key.

How It’s Done

Raising intracellular GSH is done two ways; first by recycling the unusable oxidized form of GSH (GSSG) before it escapes the cell, to a usable reduced form (GSH), or giving the cell needed precursors to manufacture more GSH from scratch. Creating new GSH requires more vital cellular energy (ATP) and can be limited due to an inflamed cell. An inflamed cell will not be able to utilize specific amino acids and cofactors needed to raise GSH like a healthy cell. Unfortunately, most products on the market only utilize this limited way of raising intracellular GSH and do not take into consideration the most efficient way of recycling it. Our system does both, and even when it comes to providing the precursors and cofactors needed to manufacture new GSH, our IDS approach uses proprietary methods to help shuttle the needed precursors and cofactors into an inflamed cell. Our system also utilizes a new form of GSH, called S-Acetyl Glutathione, and studies show that it enters into the cell with great success. With this new technology, there are now three ways that Glutathione can enter the cell. The bottom line is that when it comes to sick and inflamed cells, raising intracellular GSH is no easy task. However, it is one of the keys for “true cellular detox” and getting very sick individuals well.

When Detox Becomes Dangerous: “The Crazies”

The truth is if you are successful at raising intracellular GSH, toxins will leave the cells and tissues, and most of them will make their way to the liver where they are prepared for further detox. Many of the toxins are bound up to bile because it is a fat complex that attracts toxins. Bile, of course, is used to digest fats. When the bile is bumped into the small intestines for digestion, it carries with it the multitude of toxins that are now bound with it. It’s called “hepatic biliary sludge,” and it is the cause of many liver and gallbladder problems, but here is the bigger problem! Bile is reabsorbed in the lower intestines and recycled back to the liver. When it makes its way back to the liver, it brings toxins with it. This is referred to as retox or autointoxication. When the toxins are reabsorbed, they get sent back into circulation where they cause more inflammation and symptoms. They can even cross into the brain, which causes what I call, “the crazies,” and can even lead to a neurodegenerative condition.

Stop Autointoxication and the “The Crazies”

The second part of our Intracellular Detox System is binding toxins. Specifically, it involves binding to the toxins in the gut and pulling them out of the body so they are not reabsorbed. This process is a proven system that has changed the fundamentals of what a true detox system actually is. This cutting edge technology is something that not only changed my life, but thousands of other’s lives with unexplainable symptoms and illnesses.

Our system is completely different than any other, and it includes the ability to bind organic and inorganic toxins. We achieve the highest and tightest binding capacity than any other approach on the market and can bind a biotin, which measures 400-1000 angstroms. How small is that? Well let’s just say too small to be bound by any other natural binder. Mold and Lyme produce biotoxins that are deadly to humans. These toxins will stay bound to bile and shut down the liver’s ability to detox. Now all other toxins begin bio-accumulating, which causes these unexplainable illnesses. Biotoxic illnesses are nasty and go undiagnosed for years, if ever. The only way to save these poor individuals is to pull these toxins away from the bile complex and reopen the detox pathways.

Many inorganic toxins, like heavy metals, are much bigger in size but due to their massive atomic weight, are very difficult to remove. There are so many chelators (detox agents) on the market like chlorella, clays and other herbal concoctions that DO NOT BIND HEAVY METALS. I know they make the claims, but it just simply is not the fact. The special humates included with our system have been shown in laboratory testing not just to bind heavy metals, but to hold onto them in an almost permanent bond. The biggest problem with most of the binders on the market, besides the fact that they don’t really work, is they are contaminated. Test them yourself and you will find the same thing we did. We had to literally search the planet for clean sources. I can tell you it wasn’t easy, but we found what we were looking for, and it is more expensive than most street drugs when comparing kilos.

The unique design of our IDS is unlike any others on the market. It works! I guarantee it is going to change lives in your practice. The next article in this five part series is R2, Regenerating the Cell Membrane, and this is something I learned that not only changed my life, but it changed my adopted son’s life. I congruently believe in my heart that we are making a difference. You are going to see that when you put all 5R’s together, that this is how you impact an epidemic and get the results you are looking for. I can’t wait to teach it to you and I hope you can’t wait to learn it.

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