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R2 Regenerating the Cell Membrane Omega 6 and Omega 3 Fatty Acid Ratio

R2: Regenerating the Cell Membrane

The Truth About the Power of Healthy Fats and How It Changed My Life Forever

R2 (Regenerating the Cell Membrane) has had the greatest impact on my life. Regenerating the membrane has done more for me than any other therapy. R2 not only dramatically improved my life, but also the life of my adopted son, who was on the autism spectrum and diagnosed with sensory integration. As you will learn in this teaching, the cell membrane plays a major role in detox, epigenetics and hormone health and holds the intelligence of the cell. Regenerating the cell membrane is at the core of a solution to the growing number of unexplainable symptoms and degenerative diseases that we are seeing today in epidemic proportions. If you missed out on R1 (Removing the Source) you can go here to read this article.

My Story Wasn’t Over

You heard a little bit about my story and how my silver amalgam fillings lead to my unexplainable illness. However, I learned about specific cellular pathways that become damaged from the toxins that bio-accumulate, which is perhaps what God really wanted me to learn. The 5R’s have birthed out of this information at a later time and are a way to make the process simple and easy for me to teach. This information saved my life, but I had no idea how many other lives God has meant it for.

Soon I was on my way back to health and I recall a night when my wife and I were out to dinner. It was December of 2003, and I was telling her how great it was to have my life back. I was even expressing my excitement for all the things I was looking forward to doing again. It had been a long, hard road that I thought would break me many times. The feelings that I had at that moment reflected the victory I felt over the brokenness that I had finally escaped from. I wish I could say I never lost hope or my trust in God’s promise that, “He would work all things out for good” (Romans 8:28 from the Bible, that I would frequently remind myself during really bad days). The reality was that most of the time I couldn’t see the purpose through my suffering.

Shortly after that brief celebration, my wife and I got a call that would forever change our lives. My wife’s cousin and best friend was murdered by her husband the morning after Christmas and he also turned the gun on himself. Parents gone, twins reaming, a boy and a girl, 7 years old were now to become a part of our family. Imagine after just thinking how great it was to have my life back, that now this horrendous event occurs not only in their life, but mine as well. We had two boys of our own at the time of my illness and just had a new baby boy 6 weeks prior to this event. Yes, we went from 2 kids to 5 in less than seven weeks. The boy of the newly adopted twins, as I had stated above, was diagnosed with sensory integration on the autism spectrum. His symptoms began after he was vaccinated with the MMR shot at age 4. His mom had told us earlier that she had noticed some symptoms after previous vaccinations, but in her opinion, it was the MMR shot that sent him over the edge.

Through His Eyes

Now here I am, on this side of my battle, looking through the eyes of this poor boy. And my wife was saying, “Oh no, not again.” I knew what he felt like and my wife knew what it looked like. The sound sensitivity he experienced, due to his auditory sense being primary, would move him into an angry rage and his disconnection with reality could be seen in his eyes. I could relate to that feeling so well, although as an adult and emotionally developed, I was more capable of understanding it. As a boy, he couldn’t possibly grasp what was wrong or why he felt the way he did. Perhaps it was this connection I had with him and his new mom’s determination to get him well, that lead to our success, and to the amazing young adult he has become today. My wife was not going to live life with another challenged person in the house after dealing with me for so long. Her position was, “You got yourself well, and you will get him well.” This is how Dylan became my second patient. He is now well and I would never have been able help him if I hadn’t gone through what I went through. I tell you all of this so that you can see how God brought this information to me and through me for not just myself and Dylan, but for so many who are suffering without answers.

Life Begins On the Membrane

It was said by a brilliant cellular biologist years ago, “Life starts on the membrane,” and today with the ever-growing new science in cellular biology, we see that it is true. Dr. Bruce Lipton, a stem cell biologist and the bestselling author of, “The Biology of Belief,” believes the God-given inborn intelligence gives us life and healing is in the membrane. Dr. Lipton conducted a series of experiments that reveal that the cell membrane, the outer layer of a cell, is the organic equivalent of a computer chip, and the cell’s equivalent of a brain. This view conflicts with the widely held scientific dogma that genes control behavior, as well papers by other researchers have validated his iconoclastic thinking. Dr. Lipton’s views were once scuffed at by many of his colleagues, but today he is held up as a genius for his forward thinking. The Human Genome Project proved Dr. Lipton right. The project gathered the greatest minds in cellular biology to prove that the DNA is the brain of the cell and for each protein the DNA makes, there is one gene that creates it. It was called the, “one gene, one protein hypothesis,” and the only thing missing was tracking every protein to a gene. Proteins are our life and everything that we consist of. Every hormone, chemical messenger and tissue is made of proteins. The scientists estimated that there would need to be at least 120,000 different genes to match the approximately 120,000 proteins that explain all of the higher functions of our cells versus a mouse or worm, if in fact their theory was correct. What they found shocked them. Humans had only 25,000 genes, which are surprisingly the same amount of genes as a mouse and not many more than a lowly worm. So what explained the higher function of human cells? It’s something that Dr. Bruce Lipton was saying all along. It’s not “DNA – RNA – Protein” or “one gene, one protein”; It’s “Environment – Cell Membrane Receptor – DNA – RNA – Protein” that explains all higher function and intelligence. What Dr. Lipton was describing was the cell membrane’s communication with its environment that tells the DNA what proteins (hormones, chemicals, tissues) to produce. He and others have pointed out that if you remove the nucleus and the DNA contained within it, the cell will live for months. It will even run from invaders or engulf food even though it has no nucleus. This doesn’t sound like something without a brain does it? However, if you take away the membrane, the cell dies instantly. More specifically, if you dissolve the receptors that are located on the membrane, the cell dies immediately even with the membrane intact. These cell receptors are known as Integral Membrane Proteins (IMP). This is where the brain is, not the DNA. The DNA is just a message taker and coder. So what does this all mean to you and I? Stated simply; if you do not regenerate the cell membrane and it’s IMP’s, then it is impossible to get. This is where life and healing begins.

It took more than 12 years to create a product that would accomplish what I learned. It is imperative to regenerate a cell membrane that is inflamed and non-functional. With the brilliant work of Dr. Shayne Morris, a product I have waited so long to create was born: VISTA. Looking back, I now know the time was never right because the technology wasn’t available. What we discovered just in the last few years has made this product what it is. The truth is, I could never have put this product together then or now without Dr. Morris. He, being the amazing Biochemist that he is, took many of the concepts that I had learned through my battle and he used his countless years of biochemistry to develop a most incredible product. VISTA was birthed from my pain and knowledge as well as a unity of mind with Dr. Morris from Systemic Formulas, that the membrane is the key to health and healing.

The Hidden Secret To Detox

Regenerating the cell membrane (R2) addresses 3 main problems in the surge of degenerative conditions. Most of us would agree that toxins represent one of the major causes of inflammation and the multitude of degenerative diseases that go with it. The cell membrane plays a critical role in cellular detox. Once the membrane becomes inflamed, what is needed to be produced by the cell is energy (ATP), methyl donors, glutathione and so many more cellular functions needed for normal function and cellular detox becomes compromised. The membrane acts as the gate or the “in” roads to a city that lets in what is needed for the city to function and survive. If the “in” roads are shut down, the city will eventually erode. The bigger problem occurs because the toxins can’t get out of the cell. The membrane that allows the good in must also let the bad out. When your cells produce energy needed for life, it produces waste. This is analogues to when your car produces energy. It needs to let out the exhaust, otherwise the engine quickly shuts down. Once the cell membrane becomes inflamed, it loses this ability to move good stuff in and bad stuff out. Cellular inflammation is really the silent killer and the cause of most disease. Diseases occur due to cell membrane inflammation and not just of the outer membrane, but also the inner mitochondrial membrane, which inflammation can drastically affect all cell function and energy.

Your Fish Oil Could Be Making You Worse

VISTA addresses both membranes with not just the building blocks needed to fix this vital intelligent organ, but contains the correct ratio of materials that studies show to be more important than the materials themselves. The membrane is made of delicate fats, therefore, it is crucial to this process. However, studies show the ratio of the fats matter more. Many people today understand the benefits of fish oils, but do not realize only consuming fish oil can cause something called “Omega 3 Dominance”. There is a normal balance in nature of Omega 3 and 6. In nature, we see normal ratios of 1:1 to 1:5 (Omega 3 to 6). If we go outside of these ratios, problems ensue. Due to the over-consumption of grain fed meat (as opposed to grass-fed) and grains (even whole grains), most Americas are in fact “Omega 6 Dominant”. However, because of current fish oil hype (some of it good) we have created a new problem of Omega 3 Dominance. Omega 3 Dominance can cause DNA damage within the cell and a sudden drop in cellular energy. There is a crucial fat in the mitochondrial membrane called cardiolipin (which VISTA contains). Studies show when in a state of Omega 3 Dominance, the Omega 3 can replace cardiolipin. Cardioliopin is an important fat that makes up the mitochondrial membrane, which is essential for proper function in the energy pathway. Once it is replaced with Omega 3 on the membrane, cellular energy and function plummets.

VISTA utilizes a specific 4:1 ratio and studies show that it is the most effective way to regenerating the cell membrane. It is also the ratio shown to have the greatest effect on the brain. An interesting point about many of these studies is that certain ratios within that natural range all serve different functions. For example, the 1:1 ratio was very good for certain heart conditions. The 4:1 ratio used in VISTA was also shown to be the only ratio that affected learning, sleep, thermoregulation, seizures, MS and pain threshold.

A Real Answer To “Hormone Havoc”

The answer to hormone problems is not giving more hormones. Yet this is exactly what alternative doctors, as well as allopathic doctors, are doing. One group is using drugs and the other bio-identical hormones. Either way, it does nothing for the cause. There is a time and a place to address symptoms and use a hormone as a crutch until you remove the true cause, but if this is the treatment for healing, then you will miss the mark. As a matter of fact, it typically only relieves certain symptoms for a short duration before the body’s intelligence begins to change the hormones it’s producing and new symptoms or the old come back. Remember true healing only occurs by the body when the cause is removed. The real answer to the pandemic of hormone problems (hormone havoc) on this planet is not giving more hormones, but fixing the receptors to the hormones. For example, if your cell phone is not connecting, it’s typically not a problem with your phone, it’s a problem with the connection to the cell phone tower. Giving more hormones if they aren’t able to connect with the receptors does nothing to fix the problem and does very little, if anything to make you feel better. You must fix the receptor to the hormone so the hormone can get its message to the cell. When a cell cannot hear the message from the hormone it is known as “hormone resistance.” The key is fixing the receptors to insulin, which means you must fix the cell membrane.

If you recall from above I said the intelligence in the cell was in the membrane and more specifically in the hormone receptors, which are known as integral membrane proteins (IMP’s). The cell’s communication with its environment, including the hormones that direct its function and changes DNA, is dependent on the receptors. Cell membrane inflammation is what blunts the receptors and obviously the inflammation needs to be down-regulated. However, the receptors themselves are attached and stabilized to something known as “lipid rafts”. These rafts are made of fat and if not regenerated, the receptor will not heal and the hormone problem will not resolve. I think an interesting point is the “lipid rafts” are made up mostly of 2 fats that most people have been told are the evil duo; saturated fat and cholesterol. So it makes sense that saturated fat and cholesterol are the two main fats needed in the solution to the hormone epidemic. Yes, you heard me correctly; these two fats are a key component in the hormone solution. I have said this for years as I lectured around the country and for the most part have received back blank stares of disbelief. I know you have heard for over four decades that these two fats are the bad guys and you need to stay far away from them to prevent conditions like heart disease and obesity. Don’t take my word for it; studies now show that these fats not only prevent these conditions, but can also reverse them.

A December 2010 Harvard study showed a high fat diet consisting of saturated fats found in meat and dairy products actually had a three fold decrease. It then makes sense that these 2 fats are the fats needed to fix the receptors.[1] VISTA contains not just the fats in the correct ratio to fix the outer and inner cell membrane, but the lipid rafts themselves and therefore, the receptor. This along with a diet I call the Cellular Healing Diet and true cellular detox (R1) are the hidden solution to a growing pandemic that is now effecting our children as much or more than us.

This Is Real Hope

I know this information may run contrary to what you have learned in the past, but I promise you it not only came from my own pain, but years of research that I have to believe God lead me to. Because of this, I know it is real hope for many. I don’t believe it’s by chance you are reading this. Perhaps this information is for you directly or the thousands you will touch with it, but I know it will change lives because it is truth.

R3 (restoring cellular energy) is the next R and I can tell you that this is the first cellular function that needs repaired in the sickest and most challenged individuals. No treatments will work if cellular energy is not restored.

[1]Dariush Mozaffarian, Haiming Cao, Irena B. King, Rozenn N. Lemaitre, Xiaoling Song, David S. Siscovick, and Gökhan S. Hotamisligil, Trans-Palmitoleic Acid, Metabolic Risk Factors, and New-Onset Diabetes in U.S. Adults, Annals of Internal Medicine, Harvard School of Public Health, 2010, December

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