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R5 Reestablishing Methylation Turning Genes On/Off and Gene Expression

R5 – Reestablishing Methylation:

Turning Genes On and Off, Gene Expression and Understanding the “Fat” Agouti Gene

At this point, it should be more than obvious that the 5R’s of cellular healing were divinely established. I could never take credit for something that came the way this did. As you can see from the past R’s, each one had a particular and personal story of how God, through much prayer showed me exactly what I needed in order to go to the next level in my own healing. Of course, as you will see shortly through my wife’s story, it would be the same for R5 (Reestablishing Methylation).

I recall sitting on an airplane (which, by the way, is where most of my divinely inspired work has occurred), and struggling with the complexities of the concepts I had learned, which at that time, I simply referred to as concepts of “cellular healing”. Most of my struggle was about how to communicate it in a way that people could understand. I knew that if people couldn’t grasp it; it would never be the life changer I knew it to be, especially knowing what it did for me and where it came from. I do not recall if I had prayed in my frustration at that time, but I know I had been praying about it for a while. I had become more frustrated with each talk I was giving on the subject. I knew I had a message and an answer from God Himself to the multitude of chronic diseases and unexplainable conditions that so many, including myself, were suffering from, and yet it was not making the impact I had expected. I would speak the information with great passion only to receive blank stares in return. I believe most were able to understand the basic concept, but had no real way of conceptualizing exactly what I was saying so that it could be used in practice. As I sat on the airplane hearing only the sound of the jet engines, I started writing down the main concepts of “cellular healing”. This was a huge step, just narrowing down the concepts to single words or phrases. At that time there appeared to be only 4 main concepts that captured what I had learned. I recall that 2 of the 4 had the letter R associated with them. Then, as if it were meant to be written that way, I realized that they all came with an R word that preceded it to not only help remember the R, but also a verb (an action word) describing what to do. Not that the magic is in the R words, it is in the fact that it gives the doctor, and as it turns out, the patient, a way to put into context all of the concepts needed to fix the cell in order to get well. Ultimately, the R’s provide a road map to cellular healing. Now there is a system and something to follow; a way to put it into to practice and utilize it with every patient. This should be at the core of every protocol, because it addresses the core reasons of why people are so sick today. It hits on every aspect of why we are seeing more conditions that we once were able to help with natural treatments, but are now seemingly unresponsive.

God’s Work Was Not Finished: R5 Emerges

I know what you are thinking! “That’s only 4 R’s, what about R5?” As I stated above: each R came to me as God brought it, and as needed. First of all, I have to say that I knew that it couldn’t be just 4 R’s. It seems that everything comes to me in 3’s and 5’s or at least in odd numbers. That may seem crazy, but when I looked back at everything I had done in the past that had merit, it was organized in odd numbers. Someone told me once when I made mention of this, that people remember things better in odd numbers. I do not know if that’s true or not, but God definitely spoke things to me this way.

At this time, new studies were emerging on the subject of epigenetics that captivated me because they supported something that I intuitively had know for years; people didn’t get sick from their bad genes, but from bad life styles and living in a toxic world. The new science backed this concept and gave a better understanding of how gene expression actually occurs and more importantly how to change back the bad gene expression for good. These new treatments have been groundbreaking in so many areas of disease. I can testify to my own experience as a practitioner to the growing number of cases that do not respond to protocols that had previously helped so many; I know many of you reading this can relate. One of the things I learned from this research is that you can have the best protocol, diet and intentions, but if a bad gene of susceptibility is turned on and expressing an unhealthy condition, it must be turned off for true healing and a lasting change.

A stressor of any type can turn on a bad gene, and oftentimes, it gets triggered during emotionally stressful times such as divorce, separation, the death of a loved one etc. Even physically stressful times like pregnancy, can trigger a gene that begins expressing its ugliness in the form of hormone problems and even sudden weight gain. Many thyroid and autoimmune conditions start shortly after pregnancy and will not resolve until the gene is turned off. These same conditions can be triggered following a toxic exposure such as amalgam fillings being drilled out without proper protection, or being in a house that develops mold after water damage. How about the one I hear all the time; “this all started after my flu shot” or “my son was normal until he got his vaccinations”.

Is Your Agouti Gene Triggered?

The best example of a toxin’s ability to trigger a gene is a study that was done at Duke University. The study took identical twin mice and separated the brothers and sisters into two groups and exposed one group of twins to a common toxin found in plastics, cosmetics and many other sources including canned foods. The toxin is called BPA, and is known for its ability to turn on obesity genes. It is commonly referred to as an “obesogen” (a chemical that can causes obesity). The BPA was given to the mice at a dose relative to their size as compared to that of a human. Both groups exercised and ate the same diet. The identical twins given the toxin BPA, despite exercising and eating the same diet as their twin brothers and sisters, became obese because a gene known as the “agouti gene” was triggered. The agouti gene when turned on will cause obesity, heart disease and even the hair to turn dry and yellow. Their offspring were not exposed to the BPA, but were born doomed for obesity because their “agouti gene” was turned on from their parent’s toxic exposure. They became fat teenage mice despite exercise and the same diet as their thin twins. The best part of the study was they gave the mice something called methyl groups, which methylate DNA to turn off the fat gene. They became thin again and even their new offspring remained thin as well. Methyl groups are part of a product that I utilize with every patient called MORS (Systemic Formulas).

Why Most Methylation PRODUCTS DO NOT WORK – Intoducing MORS

MORS is the most complete methylation product available today. The methylation cycle is very complex with many rate-limiting factors that can cause depletion, and MORS is the only product I know that addresses all of them. Using certain active forms of methyl donors that are utilized directly in the cell without being converted to another form, such as methyltetrahydrofolate, is important because many people genetically do not have the enzymes to make the conversion and are predisposed to methyl depletion (this is known as an MTHFR genetic snip). These individuals are also more predisposed to toxic build up and need to take the correct product with the active forms such as MORS. Methyl depletion goes far beyond the inability to detox, but sets up a host of unexplainable symptoms and diseases that is best explained by a principle known as “The Methylation Priority Principle”.

“The Methylation Priority Principle”: An Answer to the Unexplainable

Methylation is a process in the body with many responsibilities, one of which is to turn good genes on and bad ones off. If methyl groups are lacking, it leaves greater opportunity for toxins, inflammation and other stressors to trigger bad genes more easily. A researcher and doctor named Dr. Alan Vinitsky theorized that due to the importance of methylation in the body and its multiple functions, there must be a prioritization of the valuable methyl groups it uses in the many life-sustaining functions. I believe his principle and theory are correct. There is a hierarchy of importance in the body for all things needed, and survival is always at the top, therefore your body’s innate intelligence will utilize methyl groups for survival first at the expense of other needs for methylation such as protecting the DNA and gene expression. If methyl groups are lacking, your body will use them first to adapt to stress as a means for survival. For example, it needs methyl groups to activate cortisol and adrenalin (the 2 most important stress hormones) and if there is a lack of methyl groups it will take them away from other uses to activate the hormones needed to adapt to stress. If your body does not adapt to stress it dies, and its greatest priority is to live. The problem is that now the other needs are not met and new problems will arise such as DNA damage or genes of susceptibly being turned on. This is a new understanding of how stress can lead to a host of different diseases.

Stress in fact, is the number one way methyl groups become depleted. Remember, your body does not know the difference between stress: whether physical, chemical or emotional. Its response is the same, and its use of methyl groups to adapt to the stress is the same. Yes all of your worrying is costing you valuable methyl groups and putting your DNA at risk. What about your chemical exposures from toxic personal care products, silver amalgam fillings, non-organic foods, grain-fed meats, city water, vaccinations, the list goes on. Add these stressors together (emotional and chemical), it is no wonder methyl depletion is driving a surge in hormone problems and what we call unexplainable diseases. Even chronic anxiety and depression can be linked to methyl depletion. Methyl groups are needed to turn on the stress response but they are also needed to turn it off. Some people become so depleted due to multiple stressors that they simply do not have enough to turn off the stress response and are left in a heightened stress reaction with ups and downs in cortisol and adrenalin. These individuals not only have anxiety, but also sleep problems and eventually depression.

Hormones and Methyl Depletion

I had said earlier in this article that I learned this information the hard way through personal battles. Unfortunately, I became deeply acquainted with the “methylation priority principle” through my wife’s battle. I truly have bled for this information and because this personal battle dealt with my wife’s hormones you could say I bled deeply.

When I first met my wife Merily back in college, she was eating the standard American diet. I recall looking in her cabinet and seeing peanut butter, Snyder’s hard pretzels, and Ramen Noodles. I was stunned by the foods she was surviving on when eating at home. Needless to say, she had the symptoms to go along with her diet. She suffered from multiple hormone problems and severe allergies. I remember her lying in bed every spring and fall for days with cold compresses on her sinuses due to her severe allergies. She would take enormous sized horse pills (800 mg of Motrin in each) just to get through her cycle.

It was clear that if this relationship was to go any further, things had to change and clearly they did. Merily changed her diet and even fasted. Some years later, her allergies and most of her hormone problems had resolved. However, there were some persistent hormone related issues that remained. At one point, odd anxiety, emotions, and even a feeling of being outside of herself had expressed itself out of nowhere.

We Found the Hidden Source of the Problem

At this point, I decided to check her heavy metal levels because I had suspected her mother to have high lead (the number one source of lead comes from mom). The heavy metal test came back with extremely high levels of lead, just as I expected. This explained the unresolved hormone challenges. I applied what I had learned about “true heavy metal chelation” through my own battle with mercury to her high lead levels. By the way, one of my greatest pet peeves is that most doctors, both alternative and allopathic, detox heavy metals incorrectly making it ineffective and worse yet; unsafe. As we removed the lead through the proper protocol, many of her symptoms began to subside. However, some symptoms would come and go, especially once she stopped certain supplements.

This Test Saved My Wife’s Life

This lead me to run a urine 24-Hour Hormone Test, which, in my opinion is the best way to assess hormones and to get a better glimpse of what was going on. By the way, this is the same test that Suzanne Somers attributed to saving her life. I also believe this test saved my wife’s life. Unfortunately, most doctors are still looking at “blood estrogen levels” as opposed to urine to determine the risk. The 24-Hour Hormone Test (urine collection) utilizes the new research on assessing the ratio of good to bad estrogen metabolites (Phase 1 Estrogen Metabolism), and the body’s abilities to attach a methyl group to toxic estrogen and remove it form the body (Phase 2 Estrogen Metabolism). My wife was in the red zone on both. She had become severely methyl depleted because of her elevated lead levels. Her body was prioritizing the use of methyl groups to deal with the stress of toxic lead at the expense of getting rid of bad estrogen. No doubt this also turned on some bad genes, which was causing some of the new symptoms as well. We were able to up her methylation and with the release of the new product MORS some time later, her symptoms resolved. More importantly, she didn’t end up like her mother, which is still a lesson that I hope those reading this hear clearly.

This Lesson That I Pray You All Hear

Merily’s mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in her 50’s and did the typical lumpectomy and radiation treatments. I told her then that she needed to get to the cause of why she got cancer in the first place but my advice fell on deaf ears, especially after her treatment was considered a success and she was now considered cured. After 5 years of being cancer free, the word “cured” can be used. Unfortunately, the statistics show a high return rate of another estrogen type of cancer around the ten-year mark. Right around that ten-year mark of being “cancer free” or “cured”, she was then diagnosed with stage 4 uterine cancer (the worst kind). She once again did the standard treatments and never did get to the cause (high lead causing methyl depletion and the build up of toxic estrogen) and she died two years later. It was so sad to watch, but her faith in Jesus Christ came shining trough in her battle. That part was beautiful to watch and was an amazing testimony to all of those who knew her. We watched her faith transform and her profession of Christ as her Savior was never more evident. My wife or I could say and have, “what if she would have taken the 24-Hour Hormone Test, taken MORS and chelated the lead out?” Would she still be here? I don’t know, but perhaps God’s greater purpose was her testimony in the end to those who watched in utter amazement as she departed this world with grace and love…something that she struggled with while living out her own challenges. This life lesson has made me that much more bold about this topic and has allowed me an even greater passion to transform more lives… that is absolutely for certain. I pray those reading this article will learn from our personal story and take action before it is too late. This epidemic is massive and growing and too few are speaking about the true cause when the science behind it is so strong and clear.

My Final Plea

The 5R’s came out of much suffering and it may not be the answer to every health problem, but I know it came from God to impact a remnant for those who can see it to truly get it. It is estimated that 3% of people are those who just take action and live their lives from “cause”. They intuitively know that everything in life comes from something. This knowing drives them to always look deeper, and even to look to themselves for the answers so they can make the necessary changes to affect their outcome. They rarely look to blame, and it is these 3%ers that are most successful in the majority of things they do in life. The 97% seem to have a lot of reasons why they will not do something, and live their lives from “effect” not considering that there is always a cause. Most blame others or simply think life is random and therefore do not take action to make changes. The best part is we can learn to be 3%ers. It is a daily choice. BE A 3%er! TAKE ACTION WITH WHAT YOU LEARNED IN THESE 5 R’s. I know you didn’t read this by accident.

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