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Remove Dental Fillings

Should I Remove Dental Fillings

Should I Remove Dental Fillings – How Harmful Is Mercury In Dental Fillings?

When considering whether or not to remove dental fillings, one must consider how harmful the mercury in silver amalgam fillings really is. Mercury is a toxic element that can cause various health problems if ingested or inhaled and has been linked to neurological disorders, autoimmune conditions, and endocrine problems.1

In addition to silver amalgam fillings, mercury has been used in products such as thermometers, thermostats, vaccines, antiques, and fluorescent light bulbs to name a few.2 Fortunately, mercury is used in fewer and fewer products, but it has still contaminated many environments and people in these areas are continuously exposed to this toxin.

While mainstream medical professionals say there isn’t that much mercury contained in silver amalgam fillings, any amount of mercury is toxic. The mercury from these fillings is released during chewing, as friction results in volatility. Absorption increases even more when consuming hot beverages, as the mercury is released as a gas and quickly makes its way into the bodily tissues, including the brain.

Here is a video of mercury from a silver amalgam filling being released as a gas.

Should I Remove Dental Fillings – My Experience

I know firsthand how detrimental mercury in silver amalgam fillings is, as it was the culprit behind my autoimmune conditions and multiple chemical sensitivity. Mercury toxicity made my life a living hell and it is only after I decided to remove dental fillings that I began on my journey to good health.

I realized that mercury from silver amalgam fillings was making me sick after diligent research. I had my dentist remove these fillings and replace them with other materials, specifically gold. However, after removing these silver fillings, I felt even worse and it forced me to dive even deeper into what was causing my health problems.

Remove Dental Fillings Properly

It turns out that my silver amalgam fillings weren’t properly drilled out so small bits of mercury were still present. The mercury, in combination with my new gold fillings, was causing a galvanic reaction to take place.3 This reaction released mercury into my body at a rate 10 times faster than normal. 

This mercury exposure was making me extremely ill and as soon as I understood what was going on, I contacted a competent dentist who specialized in removing silver amalgam fillings and had him perform the procedure properly.

Mercury Accumulates In The Brain

After all the mercury was removed from my mouth, I expected to feel well nearly immediately, but that wasn’t the case. Unfortunately, I was still suffering from autoimmune conditions, endocrine problems, and worst of all, multiple chemical sensitivity. 

Upon further research, I realized that mercury has accumulated in my brain, specifically, the hypothalamus, the control center of hormone function. I had to get this mercury out of my brain and out of my body if I ever wanted to reap the benefits of good health.

This revelation led to researching a wide range of heavy metal chelators that would pull heavy metals like mercury and lead from my body and eventually from my brain.

Remove Dental Fillings And Remove Mercury From The Brain

Remove Dental Fillings And Remove Mercury From The Body

The best chelator agents on the market are DMSA and DMPS. They are able to bind to heavy metals and escort them out of the body through the urine.4 Avoid using other chelators like cilantro and chlorella, as these aren’t true chelators, meaning that they don’t bind quite as tightly to heavy metals.5 6

When weak chelators attach to heavy metals, they can often pull metals out of tissue but aren’t able to bond to them tight enough so they are efficiently excreted from the body.7 This causes these heavy metals to be released and redistributed throughout the body. Oftentimes, this results in even more heavy metals entering the brain.

Read more about true chelators and how to use them.

Remove Dental Fillings And Remove Mercury From The Brain

After using DMSA over a period of 3 months on a constant cycle of 4 days on and 10 days off, I began to introduce ALA into my heavy metal detox protocol. ALA is able to pull heavy metals from the brain which was exactly the source of my problems.8 After consuming both DMSA and ALA for a period of two years, I finally began to experience significant relief, as the heavy metals were excreted from my body and from my brain.

Removing heavy metals from the body isn’t a short-term pursuit, rather, takes years of continuous chelation cycles. Since heavy metals are responsible for so many different idiopathic diseases, autoimmune diseases, endocrine problems, anxiety, depression, and so many other disorders, it is imperative that we remove these toxins from our bodies.9 In the end, removing the toxins that are responsible for diseases is the only way to achieve lasting health.

Remove Dental Fillings

Remove Dental Fillings And Chelate Heavy Metals From The Body

After you remove dental fillings that contain mercury, it is important to jump on a true heavy metal chelation protocol immediately after. In other words, remove the source of toxicity, and then focus on removing toxic heavy metals that have accumulated in the body and brain.

Remove Dental Fillings And Downregulate Inflammation

While I felt significantly better after chelating the heavy metals out of my body, I still didn’t feel perfect and many of the autoimmune conditions including multiple chemical sensitivity still persisted. Upon further research, I encountered information that would put another piece of the puzzle in place. 

Through the work of Dr. Martin Pall, I discovered that inflammation continues even after the underlying issue is removed. This means that even though the mercury was removed from my body, the inflammation was still present. I had to downregulate inflammation to set myself back to a normal state.

While complicated, the NO/ONOO inflammatory cycle can be reset back to a normal state with the use of a number of different supplements.10 As soon as the inflammatory cycle is set back to normal, chronic inflammation, the core cause behind autoimmune conditions and hormone problems will cease to exist. 

At completing this stage, I felt significantly better and all of my autoimmune problems vanished. I stopped experiencing anxiety, depression, and despair after chronic inflammation was put to an end.

Remove Dental Fillings – Toxic Mercury Leading To Detrimental Epigenetic Expression

Mercury and other heavy metals are linked with detrimental epigenetic expression.11 12 This means that in the presence of mercury and other toxins, a less ideal version of the genetic code is expressed. In cases where the body has everything it needs and isn’t wallowing in toxins, it is able to methylate genes that code for the best phenotypes.13

However, when toxins like mercury are present, it requires resources from the body to handle the side effects of this toxicity. This means that there aren’t enough resources left over to facilitate the most desirable epigenetic expression.

If you are not expressing your best DNA phenotypes, you aren’t as good as you could be. This simply means that you need to remove toxins from your body so it has enough methyl groups to ideally code for the best genetic expression specific to you.

epigenetic methylation and heavy metals

Methyl Groups Are The Key To Epigenetic Expression

In addition to removing toxins, consuming methyl-donor supplements gives the body more resources to pull from and methylate genes.14

Think about it this way, a body that is free of toxins and has access to sufficient methyl groups is like a car that is full of gasoline, running optimally. On the other hand, a body that is loaded with toxins and doesn’t have enough methyl groups to mediate ideal epigenetic expression is like a car that has very little gasoline in the tank and also has a hole in the gas tank. 

This means that the little gasoline the car has is being wasted and will quickly run out, forcing the car to a standstill. Simply put, we need to both repair our gasoline tank and fill it up if gas if we want to operate at 100% efficiency and display ideal genetic traits.

Remove Dental Fillings Now And Get Your Health Back

Remove dental fillings by working with a competent dentist. Since heavy metal toxicity is a lifetime affliction that results in idiopathic diseases, these toxins need to be removed to get to the cause of these health problems. Don’t focus on treating inflammation and other symptoms of autoimmune conditions, hormone dysfunction, or other idiopathic diseases, as these conditions won’t ever go away unless their true cause, toxins like mercury, are addressed.

Read more about detoxing your body.


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