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The Best Body Detox

The Best Body Detox

The Best Body Detox – True Health By Detoxing The Cell

There is a lot of discrepancy over the best body detox, but the only way to truly feel well is to start by healing the cell. This is why we focus on detoxing the very basis of life, the cell, before anything else. If all of our cells are operating efficiently by utilizing nutrients, synthesizing ATP, producing glutathione, and excreting waste products, our entire organism will in turn be healthy. 

For this reason, there is no need to initially focus on other types of detox like a liver cleanse, gallbladder cleanse, or colon cleanse before detoxing the cell, as it won’t do much good if the cells are loaded down with toxins. Let’s take a look at the best body detox by focusing exclusively on improving cellular function and what health improvements you can expect after doing so.

The Best Body Detox – Cellular Detox

The cellular environment inside our bodies is a complex network of pathways that communicate with each other at the molecular level. These pathways are constantly interacting with outside sources of energy, nutrients, and toxins. When these pathways become overwhelmed or out of balance, it can lead to a host of health issues including chronic inflammation, oxidative stress, and cellular toxicity. This leads to chronic conditions like inflammatory-based diseases that are linked to half of the preventable deaths worldwide.1

Cellular toxicity occurs when cells are exposed to too many toxic substances such as heavy metals, mold, chemicals, and other environmental pollutants. This can cause the cells to become dysfunctional, which in turn can lead to chronic inflammation, oxidative stress, and cell death.2 3 4

Toxins Lead To Cellular Membrane Inflammation

As toxins make their way into the body and are shuttled into the cells, inflammation results.5 6 Inflammation decreases the level of cellular fluidity, meaning that it is harder to move nutrients into the cell and shuttle waste products out of the cell. This makes it harder to excrete damaging toxins from the body.7 

With reduced access to raw materials required for cellular respiration, energy production drops. Additionally, the synthesis of glutathione, the antioxidant required by all cells to deal with waste products, also declines considerably.8

The Best Body Detox - Cellular Detox

The Best Body Detox Focuses On Restoring Glutathione Levels In The Cells

A lack of glutathione results in inflammation.9 This is because glutathione is the premier innate antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals. Without sufficient glutathione levels, conditions related to inflammation like asthma, eczema, lupus, and arthritis all begin to develop.10 These conditions are often considered idiopathic, as there is no known medical reason for why these illnesses result. However, inflammation is the cause of autoimmune conditions and the only lasting solution is to remove that inflammation.

This is exactly why the best body detox focuses on detoxifying the cell before anything else.

Cellular Membrane Inflammation Leads To Hormone Resistance

Cellular membrane inflammation is a direct result of cellular toxicity.11 It occurs when the cell’s membrane becomes damaged or weakened due to environmental toxins and other harmful substances, leading to what’s known as hormone resistance.12 When this happens, hormones cannot bind to the cell’s receptors and therefore, cannot do their job properly, leading to an array of health issues including weight gain, weakened immunity, and chronic pain.13

Think of it this way, if hormones are unable to bind to cellular receptors, they cannot relay their message to the cells. This is what is behind many cases of thyroid hormone resistance, insulin resistance, sex hormone resistance, and even leptin resistance.14 If hormones are unable to communicate with the cells, the end result is metabolic disarray, as the cells aren’t receiving instructions on how they should function.

In the case of thyroid hormone dysfunction, conditions like hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s are the result. When sex hormone resistance is the problem, both testosterone and estrogen disorders are the result, causing a wide range of detrimental conditions. 

When leptin resistance is the underlying issue, the body is unable to signal itself when it is full and burn body fat, while increasing fat accumulation. The only way to deal with all of these conditions is to address cellular membrane inflammation which is why we need to detox the cells if we ever wish to be well.

cellular membrane inflammation

The Best Body Detox – Removing The Source Of Inflammation

Before anything else, we must identify the sources of inflammation in our bodies so that we can remove or reduce exposure to them. Common sources of inflammation include processed foods, environmental pollutants such as air pollution, moldy air, cleaning products and synthetic fragrances, heavy metals from dental fillings, and stress.15 16 17 Once we have identified the sources of inflammation and limited our exposure to them, we can begin to detox our cells and excrete those toxins from our bodies.

The Best Body Detox – Removing Toxins From The Cells And Excreting Them

Many toxins will be excreted from cells when they are no longer present in the environment. For that reason, stop using commercial cosmetics and cleaning products, as well as a wide range of other consumer products that contain toxins that are linked with inflammation. Additionally, remove mold from any buildings you are occupying and if that mold cannot be removed, relocate to another building.

One class of toxins that are responsible for a wide range of detrimental conditions and are not easily removed from the body are heavy metals like lead and mercury. Since heavy metals are difficult to move due to their weight, they continue to remain lodged in cells and cause inflammation.

Removing heavy metals from these cells and excreting them from the body is a tedious process but must be done if you ever wish to stop suffering from countless conditions that are either autoimmune-related or hormone related.18 If you really want to get well and achieve radiant health, take it upon yourself to learn more about how to remove heavy metals from your body here.

Best Body Detox remove mercury

The Best Body Detox – Repairing The Cellular Membrane

Cellular membranes consist of a lipid bilayer, which means they are made out of two layers of fat. To regenerate the cellular membrane, certain fats need to be consumed. However, the dietary fats that I am recommending are not the same dietary fats that typical dieticians would recommend. 

Saturated fat and monounsaturated fat are both healthy fats,19 while polyunsaturated fats (PUFAs) contribute to disease when consumed in excess. Some PUFAs are required for good health, but modern humans consume PUFAs excessively, as they are highly concentrated in vegetable oils. In turn, omega-6 fatty acids contained in PUFAs are making up significant portions of the lipid bilayer, causing inflammation, and resulting in a wide range of other health problems like obesity, heart disease, atherosclerosis, and liver damage.20 21 22 23 24 25

No, I don’t recommend consuming extra omega-3 fatty acids to balance out the omega-6 fatty acids. Instead, my recommendation is to stop consuming excessive omega-6 fatty acids in seed-based oils like corn, canola, cottonseed, soy, sunflower, and safflower oil. Instead, consume oil like olive oil, coconut oil, avocados, fat from grass-fed meat, and fat from grass-fed dairy in order to regenerate the cellular membrane.

Ideally, follow a diet like my Cellular Healing Diet that focuses on consuming protein in moderation, taking in relatively high quantities of fat, and only low quantities of carbohydrates. Proper dietary fat intake is the key to repairing the cellular membrane and reducing overall inflammation throughout the body.

Cellular healing diet

The Best Body Detox – Downregulating The Inflammatory Cycle

After removing the source of toxicity and excreting toxins like heavy metals out of the body, the next step is to downregulate the NO/ONOO inflammatory cycle that continues even after the factors that pushed it into motion have been eliminated. The complicated NO/ONOO cycle that continues to maintain chronic inflammation must be stopped in order to find relief from inflammatory conditions like autoimmune disorders and hormone dysfunction.26

There are a number of supplements that can reset the NO/ONOO cycle back to its original form so chronic inflammation finally stops and the body is allowed to function normally again. Without inflammation, the driving factor causing so many idiopathic diseases, symptoms of such conditions will quickly disappear.

best body detox removes inflammation

The Best Body Detox – Restoring Mitochondrial Function

Restoring mitochondrial function and increasing the number of mitochondria available in the cells increases the energy potential capacity of those cells. Unhealthy cells often have mitochondria that send out proinflammatory signals that lead to chronic inflammation.27 People who suffer from chronic inflammation also have fewer mitochondria than healthy people and without enough ATP production, chronic fatigue, brain fog, and other detrimental conditions quickly set in.28

After removing the source of inflammation and restoring the cellular membrane, the best body detox now focuses on improving mitochondria function and mitochondria biogenesis, the name given to mitochondria creation. There are specific supplements that aid in mitochondria function and improve ATP synthesis, leading to healthy cellular structures.

best body detox restores mitochondria

The Best Body Detox – Repair The Cell And Finally Get Well

The best body detox focuses entirely on improving the cellular structure. Cells are the basic building blocks of our bodies and their function will determine our overall health. By focusing on healthy cells, we can ensure that our bodies have a strong foundation and won’t succumb to inflammatory conditions like hormone resistance and autoimmune-related illnesses. 

Read more about what causes autoimmune conditions.


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