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Food + Drink

Savor the essence of well-being with our Food and Drink category on our health and wellness platform. Delight in a curated selection of our favorite products, brands, and companies dedicated to nourishing your body with wholesome and mindful choices. In a world where what we consume profoundly impacts our health, explore this category to discover thoughtfully curated options that harmonize taste and nutrition. Elevate your culinary experience and embrace a journey towards a healthier, more vibrant you.

A truly meaningful dose of electrolytes in a science-backed ratio

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They are all USDA Certified Organic, Shade Grown, sourced from the top 1% Arabica Grade, and Fairly Traded.

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Grass Fed Meat

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Andreas Seed Oils

Andreas Seed Oils are the first and only raw, undamaged seed oils in the world, that have fully unlocked the powerful life energy from organic seeds with 0 oxidation.

The Purest Artisan Wines in the World
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Wild Pastures delivers meat from regenerative, American family farms to your doorstep for less.

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Grass-Fed Bone Broth 

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The Purest Artisan Wines in the World
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ENERGYbits® has the safest, purest algae because our farming techniques preserve all the nutrients, minerals, pigments and enzymes. 

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The Perfect Gut-Friendly, CLEAN Protein Snack For On-The-Go

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The Purest Artisan Wines in the World
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An all-purpose cooking oil with even more good fats than olive oil, a high smoke point, and a neutral taste that works in any recipe.

The Matula Tea formulation is comprised of premium quality ALL NATURAL wild harvested , organic and non-GMO herbs

Organic, Glyphosate-Free drinks and supplements

Organic loose leaf grade tea leaves, cold brewed for up to 8 hours to extract all the beneficial compounds.