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Embark on a journey of health insights with our Testing category on our health and wellness platform. Explore a curated selection of our favorite testing products, brands, and companies dedicated to providing valuable insights into various aspects of your health. From at-home wellness kits to comprehensive diagnostic tests, this category offers solutions to empower you on your health journey. Take control of your well-being by exploring Testing and gaining a deeper understanding of your health parameters.

Virtual Clinic

VirtualClinic can help you integrate blood work into your practice with little or no overheads. Even practitioners who see a high volume of patients have used this simple, step-by-step process to understand, implement and market health using blood work as a functional approach in their own communities.
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Dust Test

Dust testing has become the new standard for functional health practitioners and indoor environmental professionals to truly understand the impact someone’s home may be having on their health. And The Dust Test is the most comprehensive form of dust testing.

Unlike ERMI, The Dust Test combines cutting edge DNA and chemical sequencing technologies to identify the full load of invisible fungal and toxic fragments in any home. This includes determining and quantifying mold species, mycotoxins types, and endotoxins.

Dust testing is the first step to determine if you have a toxic mold or bacteria problem in your home, and its severity. With this information you can validate if your home is making you sick, and determine your best next steps. So say goodbye to ERMI, and say hello to The Dust Test!

Test my Home

Comprehensive Home Health Analysis
Expert education and tools to test your home for environmental toxins.

Direct Labs

Dutch Test

Doctors Data

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