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What Is The Best Liver Detox

What Is The Best Liver Detox?

Perform The Best Liver Detox In Conjunction With A Cellular Detox

Performing the best liver detox on its own isn’t going to offer much value, as true detox starts at the cellular level. However, once we upregulate cellular function and cellular detox pathways, the process of excreting toxins from the body is optimized with a liver detox. First, let’s discuss detoxification on the cellular level and then add in the benefits of performing a liver detox as a way to flush out toxins efficiently.

Cellular Detox

The word “detox” is thrown around liberally and nearly every health expert has their own proprietary detox potion. However, most of them don’t work because they don’t address the root cause of the problem, cellular dysfunction. In short, a true detox has to take place on the cellular level. By taking part in a cellular detoxification, we target the core cause of downstream symptoms.

Are You An Overflowing Bucket Of Toxins?

Our bodies can handle a certain amount of toxins without affecting basic function, but when we become overloaded with toxins, symptoms start to manifest. The best analogy to this is an overflowing bucket. We can fill up a bucket to the brim, but the moment we overfill it, it overflows. In the same way, our cells eventually get to the point where they become filled up with toxins and overflow, resulting in a wide range of illnesses and unexplainable symptoms.

What Is The Best Liver Detox - overflowing bucket

The key is to reduce the amount of toxins and stressors that are filling up our buckets and also add a drain to the bottom so toxins quickly flow out. In practice, this means we must avoid the barrage of toxins that are bombarding us on a daily basis and also improve the detox capabilities of our cells so toxins are pushed out of them and excreted from the body before they become a problem.

Improving Cellular Function To Facilitate The Removal Of Stored Up Toxins

After being exposed to a lifetime of toxin exposure, our cellular function decreases considerably and results in autointoxication. Specifically, toxins cause cellular membrane inflammation, making the barrier around our cells less permeable. When this happens, raw materials required for ATP synthesis aren’t able to enter the cells, resulting in a decrease in energy production. Even worse, the waste products and toxins that are contained within cells aren’t able to leave through the cellular membrane.1

Think of each cell in your body as a walled city with only one gate in and out that is protected by guards. When the gate works, the garbage accumulated in the city can be removed with ease and new products can enter. However, if the gate becomes jammed shut, nothing can enter the city and the backlog of garbage quickly builds up, leading to conditions that are perfect for disease.

The 5Rs To Restoring Cellular Function

As you can see, our focus has to be on restoring cellular function and detoxing our 70 trillion cells before performing other detox strategies like a liver cleanse, gallbladder cleanse, or colon cleanse. If our cells are clear of toxins and performing optimally, our organs will also be in top-tier shape. This is why I developed the 5Rs as a guide to optimizing cellular function. Simply put, if you fix the cell, you will get well.

R1 – Removing The Source Of Stressors

The first step is to remove the source of stressors whether they are physical, emotional, or chemical in nature. By eating a healthy diet that consists of organic, whole foods and avoiding the toxins that are contained in so many different commercial products used on a daily basis, we can slow down the rate that toxins accumulate within our cells. Realize that toxins are still a part of daily life and they all can’t be excluded. However, if we keep our bucket of toxins down to a manageable level, they won’t overflow and cause symptoms.

R2 – Regenerating The Cellular Membrane

A cellular detox is only possible if our cellular membrane permeability is restored. This is why we must regenerate the cellular membranes that have been damaged by toxins. It is only then that we can finally excrete the backlog of accumulated poisons from our cells. 

If we don’t regenerate the cellular membrane, the cell will continue to build up with toxins until it dies. During the process, the cell turns on the expression of bad genes that code for various diseases and unexplained illnesses. 

When a cellular membrane becomes inflamed due to toxins, it causes hormone receptors to change shape. This leads to a condition called hormone resistance, as hormones are unable to connect to these receptors due to their modified structure. When this happens, thyroid, insulin, leptin, testosterone, and estrogen hormones are unable to modulate cellular function, leading to a cell that is operating without direction from an upstream source.

This is why so many people suffer from hormone resistance nowadays even if they have normal levels of hormones in their blood. It’s not that the body isn’t creating enough hormones, the issue is that these hormones are unable to perform their responsibilities due to misshapen receptors that are the result of cellular membrane inflammation.2

Perform The Best Liver Detox In Conjunction With A Cellular Detox

R4 – Downregulating Cellular Membrane Inflammation

After cellular membrane inflammation persists for a while, bringing it back down to baseline is a challenge. This is because a certain cycle called the NO/ONOO cycle maintains membrane inflammation. Putting an end to this inflammation with the use of nutraceuticals restores normal function.4

R5 – Restoring Methylation

Methylation is a crucial process in our bodies that involves the transfer of methyl groups to different molecules, such as DNA, proteins, and hormones. This process plays a vital role in various physiological functions, including detoxification, hormone regulation, and gene expression.

Unfortunately, our modern lifestyle and exposure to toxins disrupts this delicate balance of methylation. Heavy metals and other toxins sabotage the function of methyl groups required for proper methylation. As a result, our bodies struggle to efficiently remove toxic substances and regulate hormones.

Through the use of methyl donors, we can restore healthy levels of methylation. Methyl donors are essential nutrients that provide the necessary building blocks for methylation to occur. By supplementing with these methyl donors, we support our bodies’ natural detoxification processes and optimize epigenetic regulation.

Proper methylation also plays a vital role in gene expression. The right balance of methyl groups turn on ideal genes that promote health and well-being while turning off harmful genes triggered by toxins. This is why restoring healthy levels of methylation is crucial for overall health and wellness.5

Chelators Remove Toxins From The Extracellular Space

The 5Rs are designed to optimize cellular function so toxins can be removed from the cells and flow into the extracellular space. At this point, chelators are required to grab onto these toxins so they can be transferred to the liver. Chelating agents are essential in the process of detoxification. These potent compounds possess double thiol groups that have a strong affinity for heavy metals and other toxins.6

What Is The Best Liver Detox?

The best liver detox is a combination of coffee enemas and castor oil packs placed over the liver area while sleeping. Both coffee enemas and castor oil packs push bile out of the liver and gallbladder. As mentioned earlier, the toxins that are excreted from cells are sent to the liver where they are added to the bile. By optimizing bile flow and using certain binders to pull toxins from the bile, we can excrete them from the body.7 8 

A coffee enema and castor oil packs push out the backlog of bile and toxins that are contained within the liver. In a sense, we are opening up a hole in our bucket of toxins so they can flow out easier without overflowing within us and causing unexplainable symptoms.

I can’t stress enough that the best liver detox with both coffee enemas and castor oil liver packs only works correctly if paired with specific binders that remove the toxins contained within the bile. If not, this toxic bile, known as hepatic biliary sludge, will be sent back to the liver causing autointoxication.9

What Is The Best Liver Detox - Coffee enema

Perform The Best Liver Detox In Conjunction With A Cellular Detox

Performing the best liver detox, a combination of coffee enemas and castor oil packs, is only effective as part of a comprehensive cellular detoxification strategy. Addressing problematic cellular function and removing the toxic agents that are the root cause of disease and mysterious illnesses is the only path to truly getting well.

For more information on the 5Rs, join me in my free webinar or read more about the benefits of a digital detox.


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